La Quinta Councilman Robert Radi

Love for our community.  

A desire to continue serving it.


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An Engaged Broad System Thinker

Serving The Community

Robert Radi has been passionately involved in civic affairs in La Quinta for well over a decade. Councilmember Radi was first elected in 2014. He brings his love for the community, a young family perspective and an authentic care for all citizens of La Quinta. He has been an effective advocate, and has built a reputation as a thoughtful and authentic leader in city and regional issues. He has been effectively representing the City of La Quinta as a Councilmember, Mayor Pro Tem, Chairman of the Housing Authority, Chairman of CVAG Transportation Committee, Commissioner at Riverside County Transportation Commission, Board Member at SunLine Transportation Agency where he also serves on the Finance and Auditing Committee and Chairman of the Taxi Committee, as Board Member at Coachella Valley Economic Partnership, La Quinta Economic Development Subcommittee and in several other capacities. In these roles, Robert has a proven track record as an inclusive consensus builder, providing proactive leadership in turning challenges into opportunities and in building "can do" coalitions. 

United by a Vision

Continue to develop policies that are cohesive and holistic in nature for the benefit of the entire City of La Quinta. Developing our next generation of business leaders and public servants in La Quinta and the Coachella Valley is a  priority for Councilmember Radi.

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Civic engagement is a high priority for Councilmember Robert Radi. Robert maintains a high level of engagement with caring members of the community, by actively listening and integrating valuable insights in his advocacy conducted with an holistic perspective. 


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