PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP: Continue to provide proactive leadership in securing appropriate level of Police services while mitigating rising costs. Continue to actively support Law Enforcement and First Responders as well as our volunteers Citizens on Patrol (COP) and  Community Emergency Response Team.

USE OF LIMITED RESOURCES: Continue to work to reduce redundancies and curtail unnecessary Public Safety costs, such as the costly response to False Alarms. 

CODE ENFORCEMENT: Continue to support equatable and constructive Code Enforcement. We have made major changes in this area over the past 3 years and the feedback form the community has been excellent. We need to continue developing balanced approaches.  

LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY: Continue proactive interaction with First Responders, and active exploration of technology to facilitate the efficient delivery of Police and Fire services.  Despite its drawbacks and initial concerns, technology has historically enhanced productivity, harvested synergies and efficiencies in systematic processes, and mitigated or reduced cost in a myriad of instances. EXPLORING and ASSESSING the use of technology in public safety and emergency response is a must, and these activities need to be conducted as a proactive measure and not as a corrective response.  

FLOOD DRAINAGE SYSTEM MODERNIZATION: Continue to pursue all optimal solutions to ensure the proper modernization of our drainage system. This cannot be a patch work, but it must be a long term solutions that accounts for all foreseeable variables. Measure twice, cut once!  

SALTON SEA: Continue to support the efforts aimed at creating a perimeter recreational lake and a center sterile lake. This solution has been studied and it is deemed to yield the best results to stabilize the Salton Sea. It doesn't preclude other solutions to be implemented in the future to restore the entire lake. 


CUTTING THE RED TAPE: Continue to review policies and regulations, provide reform to simplify and facilitate business and development in La Quinta.  Continue to support self-generated incentives for perspective businesses entering our market. 

INFRASTRUCTURE: Continue to seek funds for infrastructures planning and development to sustain economic growth citywide and regionally. I have gained substantial experience in the area of infrastructure through my representation of the City of La Quinta at RCTC, CVAG, CVEP and SUNLINE. 

THE LA QUINTA BRAND: Continue to advocate for the refurbishing and renovation of the landscape perimeters for our northern parkways. Continue the work to achieve a cohesive high quality community, safe and aesthetically pleasing.   

SENSIBLE REGULATION AND ORDINANCES: Continue to advocate for sensible and effective regulation of STVR, by balancing the equities of the community and terminating the STVR licences of those unwilling to operate within the City Ordinances adopted over the past three years.  


Continue to work to create business opportunity and business attraction, by leveraging the shifting demographic and the momentum generated through the development of SilverRock. 

GOVERNMENT EFFICIENCY:  Our CITY STAFF is the best in the entire Coachella Valley. I will keep supporting and promoting the continuous development of a high performing organization. 

A PREEMINENT DESTINATION: It is in our destiny to become the preeminent destination in the Coachella Valley. The development at SilverRock will see a ultra-luxury Montage Hotel and a life-style luxury Pandry Hotel coming online in 2020. This is a central nervous system for our city.    


FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE: Continue to promote fiscal responsibility by remaining vigilant in providing oversight of budgetary practices, programmed expenditures and Capital Improvement Projects. 

ACTIVITIES: Continue to explore, implement and provide  meaningful youth activities and quality senior programs  throughout the community. I am the only serving member of the La Quinta City Council that is also the parent of child under the age of 18. Along with my wife Charlotte, we understand the challenges that parents face in our modern society. 

EVENTS: Continue to support the ARTS, CULTURE and COMMUNITY EVENTS events that create that unique atmosphere for which La Quinta is known regionally, nationally and internationally. 

Art in La Quinta is an authentic component of our brand, and the two cannot be separated. 

WELLNESS: Continue to actively explore the development, refurbishment, improvement and re-positioning of city facilities to ensure high quality wellness and recreation opportunities. 

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Continue to promote, and improve outreach and community involvement, and continue to actively listening to caring citizens to strengthen my advocacy on behalf of the community. Continue to promote transparency, and data driven decision making.  

FLOW & WALKABILITY: Continue the effort to create safe opportunities for walkability in our Village, and flow throughout our community.